3g Unrestrictor Update Coming Soon For iOS 4.1 And FaceTime Calls

Popular jailbreak app, 3G Unrestrictor, is getting a new update shortly, targeting the iPhone 4’s ability to make FaceTime calls over the 3G network. The developer Crash-X (@crashx) has submitted a couple of betas for testing, and all seems well. So expect this to hit Cydia pretty soon.

If you don’t know what 3G Unrestrictor is, its an app that allows you to remove, on an App by App basis, the WiFi only restrictions placed on some apps. Like some music streaming apps, the App Store, and YouTube. These apps either lower the quality of the streamed content, or don’t allow it at all.

If you already have the app, and it isn’t working for FaceTime calls, there is a little work around.

  • Add the MobilePhone in 3G Unrestrictor
  • Enable the isDirect flag for MobilePhone
  • Make sure your Wifi is on, you do not need to be connected to a network, but it does need to be on. To disconnect from your current network, tap the arrow button in the WiFi settings of the current network, and tap forget this network.

We just finished testing the new version and its working great.

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