Wally: A Crazy Cool iPhone Wallet, Now on Kickstarter! [video]


I have to admit, at first when I heard about the Wally iPhone wallet, I kind of rolled my eyes a bit. I thought to myself, “Really? Another iPhone wallet? What does the world need with another one of these?” As it turns out, this little guy is quite ingenious…possibly the coolest minimalist style iPhone wallet concept I have seen in some time.

The Wally, like most iPhone wallets, operates on the simple principle that less is more. What makes it special is just how much less, and how much more this wallet has to offer. With 100% premium Italian leather construction, hand fabricated by a “leather smith” in Florida, USA, this Wallet will have a look and feel that few others on the field can match. This however is not where the Wally shines it’s brightest.

The wallet itself is actually designed to “suction” to the back of your bare iPhone or favorite slick flat back case. There is absolutely no adhesive to gum up the back of your device, and it’s infinitely repositionable for those people that just can’t seem to get it aligned just right. They will also be including a “super adhesive” backing for those who desire a more permanent mounting solution, or have a non suction compatible case.

Wally’s card pocket is accessible by a nifty little pull tab. The creators report that it’s designed to hold “the three cards you use most, and a bit of cash”. Additionally, one mentioned its use as a nifty business card storage solution. Personally this excites me as I’m currently carrying them in a separate container, and one thing less in my pocket is always welcome.

This thing is pretty slick, and for once you don’t even just have to take my word for it, just look at their kickstarter page! Their goal of $14,000 was blown away in the first 4 days, and the first run of Wally’s are already sold out! Lucky for you, they added a second batch to accommodate for the higher demand. For a paltry $42 contribution, you can reserve either a “ninja black” or “cowboy brown” Wally for either your iPhone 4/4S, or 5.

Head on over soon though… These are limited edition and won’t be around forever.