uNu Exera Power System For iPhone 4/4S [review]

in this post we review the uNu exera battery case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, it’s easy to forget the iPhone 4S and all those still in need of accessories. One of the main problems users have had with the Cupertino outfit’s mobile devices has been the battery life which has always left something to be desired.

While this issue has been drastically improved with the latest and greatest iPhone, many 4S ‘power users’ require something more to keep their digital lives going.

UNU offers a fantastic solution to this problem in the Exera Power System.

For less than $100, you get more bang for your buck than any other battery case manufacturer provides.

The case itself also provides the customization option that others don’t. You can swap out the casing edge for many different color options and you can easily swap the battery plate for a standard plate, turning it into a normal case rather than a battery case.

These processes aren’t even a chore, it’s as easy as swapping standard cases.

Unlike Mophie, the 1700MAH Lithium Polymer battery isn’t built-in and allows you to swap out for another if your phone is knocking on deaths door. This allows you to continue emailing that supplier, tweeting that photo of your lunch or editing your presentation on the train.

Aesthetically it’s obviously bulkier than a standard case. Despite this it still feels kinda slick and doesn’t make your expensive device feel like a cheap BlackBerry brick.

In terms of device protection as an actual case, it provides adequate cover against the usual knocks, bumps and bruises that a phone is constantly subjected to. However, after performing a drop test – using an iPhone 4S on a standard pavement/sidewalk from waist height – the case simply popped off the phone, resulting in a giant crack in the glass backplate.

The headphone port, silent switch, power button and volume buttons are still easily accessible and charging is performed via the microUSB port. The complete Exera system comes with the battery case, 2 extra batteries and a charging dock for all your power needs.

All in all, this is a fantastic charging system that doesn’t scratch much, feels nice, welcomes customisation and provides basic protection. Despite the cracked backplate, I really thought this system was great. It’s perfect suited to the commuter and ‘power user’ and allowed me to keep the iPhone 4S battery from dying for two weeks straight. With the battery solution case for the iPhone 5 available within 2-3 weeks, we’ll all be able to benefit from a never-ending battery. I’m just hoping UNU have made the case a little more sturdy.

FSM Rating: 8/10