TinyTSS: Small Java App That Acts As Your Very Own Signature Service For iPhone 3Gs

So, let’s recap what’s going on with the problems regarding jailbreaking your iPhone 3Gs: first we explained the problems, than we offered a tutorial on how to downgrade your iPhone 3Gs from 3.1 to 3.0 and than we told you about 3Gs downgrade assistant, a tool that will help you with the tutorial .

This is giving me a headache, but i promise you that sunny days will come on our streets. I hope you understand by now the importance of saving your ECID certificate ( if not read the links in the 1st paragraph ) , and you all thank Saurik for making it possible for us to save our certificates on his server. That way we can ensure the future jailbreak of the iPhone.

Although this is extremely useful, some people actually complained about saving the certificates on “some random server”. Well, some dude(s) ( no idea whom he/they are ) came up with a tool that will save your certificate on your very own machine.

TinyTSS is a small java app that acts as your very own signature service.When iTunes verifies your restore for your 3gs phone, it ‘phones home’ to see if you are allowed to restore to the version you are requesting. With TinyTSS + the shsh blob file(s) you obtained with Umbrella, you will be able to restore to the version of those shsh files forever!

People may wonder why I did this when Saurik is already doing the same thing. I’ll explain my philosophy. I admire Saurik for what he has done and I thank him for pointing me in this direction. I simply think that I would rather have my shsh blobs on my personal machine AND on his server for safe keeping. This way if something happens to cydia, I can still restore my phone to the version I want to restore to.

Plus I have the peace of mind knowing that my files are safely in my possession. I don’t have to worry that some catastrophic event could render my downgrades impossible.

So use cydia’s shsh storage feature! But use Umbrella and TinyTSS if you are a power user that wants control over your own ecid shsh files and want to be able to use your own machine for restores.

I’ve fixed a bug that I introduced accidentally. I had forgotten to add a library or two to the Manifest so it wasn’t able to run from the jar.

UPDATE: I’ve revamped the readme file. It should be a bit more informative. Also removed an error on JRE 1.5 on Leopard

Download Umbrella and TinyTSS together: HERE

fw-umbrella-semaphore.zip md5: aea3ddcbc238822f83e7b0141171e032
fw-umbrella-semaphore.zip sha1: 85e16827f91153edd66ee7d6bf10119fd82fba40
umbrella.exe md5: ad783437f4db6502d36f4c03cc520826
umbrella.exe sha1: 94ce8798e56784df2c609aa1d4c99d85d7286ec0
tinytss.exe md5: e32ffc0ab26a62e497f1805cee2d316f
tinytss.exe sha1: db5fba2fa1e77b91b58c2d766949f19ab4f578ed
umbrella64.exe md5: 85abc255c2254a18461ea1d2554a9a7b
umbrella64.exe sha1: 895851b14c5bc904894a5b4a4e20faac46e49f07
tinytss64.exe md5: 1cf1fef9ab9ea8257b01cbc65eaf972e
tinytss64.exe sha1: 4af07e5c52695f1cf49d4e8212268d0cc00066d2

If you need an md5 checker I like: Nirsoft’s MD5 Checker

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about donations. I’ll accept donations but I want it clear that I did this for fun.
If you really want to donate you can contact me at xsemaphorex (the symbol for the word “at”) gmail (the dot symbol) com.