Sara: Siri Alternative For Non-4S Devices

Spire is a great way to get Siri on non-4S devices, but it’s still a little bit tricky to install and get it up and running. Introducing Sara: a new tweak that apparently works on all iOS devices and promises to replicate Siri’s functionality to the letter. I wish we’re true.

While it does install a sort-of Siri on your non-4S devices, it most certainly will not do Siri’s job. It barely does any job at all. Sara is one dumb broad.

Let’s take it step by step ( there won’t be a lot of steps so we’ll be fine ). First, let’s take a look at the promotional graphics/screenshot above. They say it works on the original iPhone… you should move on with your life, just because of that statement. If somebody claims that a software like Siri will work on a 5 year-old phone that can’t even run any iOS past 3.1.3, you should immediately know this is a waste of time.

But just for the sake of posting “breaking stories”, I’ve taken the bullet and installed Sara on my iPad 2.

The installation timed-out twice, but I finally got it running.

The first natural impulse was to press and hold the home button to trigger Sara. It did nothing. I then loaded up to look for Sara. Maybe i need to turn it on… Maybe it has some options I can play with… Nothing. In frustration I close Settings and what do I find? Sara is on my SpringBoard. It’s an app… Myeah.

Ok, let’s fire this girl up. You need to 2x-it, and that doesn’t hurt if you have RetinaPad installed ( if you dont, you really should, but that’s another post). I started off with a simple question: “what time is it?”, to which Sara replies: It’s 2:41 AM. Not even close, in this case it was 5:08 pm… Fail. To be fair, i asked her a few more questions, and when she understood me, she was WAY off, or threw errors like the one below.

If you want to waste your time with Sara, add this repo in Cydia: But don’t blame us if it kills your phone or something. It’s bad. Just take our word for it and stay away from it. You will thank us in the end.