New And Redesigned GameBone iPhone Controller To Support C64 Natively

About a year ago, we talked about GameBone Pro, the first iPhone controller peripheral. While the GameBone created quite a buzz, and it was not the only project of its type, there was nothing to hit the market. It is not certain, but it seems that Apple might not have previously been allowing official SDK-supported versions to be approved.

But this time 22Moo is confident that they will be approved, and they released a redesigned version of the GameBone. TouchArchade is reporting that the redesigned device is said to include stereo speakers, omni direction mic, built in lithium battery, and 30-pin connector.It seems that Manomio is working with 22Moo to officially support the GameBone in their C64 emulator with no jailbreak requirements.

That is all the info we have right now. We will keep you up to date, stay tuned…