New Tweak Brings LivePhotos and Front Facing Flash To Older iPhones


One of the new features on the iPhone 6s is LivePhotos, which gives you a photo that also includes motion and sounds as well as the normal photo. Apple sells this as an iPhone 6s/6s Plus exclusive feature along side 3D Touch. But can you get LivePhotos on older devices? Of course you can, just like 3D Touch, most of it it’s software ( most of it, you won’t get the exact same features ).

Elias Limenos, the well known jailbreak developer, has released a new tweak in Cydia calls PhotosLive that does exactly what you think…. allows you to shoot and use “live photos” on older devices.

The tweak also has a settings page where you can adjust a few things if you want, including enabling a front facing flash – another iPhone 6s exclusive feature ( don’t expect the front facing flash to be a game changer, not even on the iPhone 6s. it’s a BS feature ).

Like said above, this is not the exact same feature found on the iPhone 6s. Limneos tweak embeds additional JPEG frames in the original photos while Apple is using actual video.

What you get:

  • Live Capture of photos, as natively demonstrated on newer devices.
  • Front Flash! with highly calculated intensity and color to give the best results (iPhone only). Customisable.
  • Live Capture with Filters!
  • Touch-and-hold on any PhotosLive photo in your library, to animate it.
  • Native Use of any Live photo to set as wallpaper, transfer, share , print etc.
  • Live WallPaper at Lockscreen! Set any Live photo as Lockscreen wallpaper and it animates when you touch-and-hold your Lockscreen.
  • Sharing Action to export a live photo as Animated GIF.
  • Native Feeling UI with LIVE button and LIVE indicator in
  • Quick Preview of the live photo while you scroll on your photos, as an indicator that it’s a PhotosLive photo.
  • LIVE Badge can appear on the photos to let you easily identify them. Customisable.
  • Automatic Album Creation to store all your PhotosLive in PhotosLive album. Customisable.
  • Adjustable Duration of live capture, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 3.0 seconds, for shorter or longer shots.
  • Optimized Size of the live data. While regular,full-resolution photos sizes range from about 1.5 to 3MB, PhotosLive photos range from about 2 to 4MB )

Note: You need PhotosLive in each device in order to view the live photo data. For sharing to social media or other loactions, you can export a PhotosLive photo as animated GIF.

Works on iPhone 4S up to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and on iPad 2 and above.

If you want to give PhotosLive a try, the tweak is now available for $1.99 on Cydia via BigBoss repo ( price will go up to $2.99 ).