New Concept Shows The New MacBook Pro With An OLED Touchpad


Based on leaked parts and credible reports, there’s a new MacBook Pro expected to launch later this year. The biggest new feature that has been rumored is that the new MacBook Pro will come with a touchscreen display integrated into the keyboard, replacing the function keys. The idea behind the keyboard display is that it could be a great place for the traditional Mac menu bar, and software can use it to display certain shortcuts and free up valuable screen real estate.

However, before you get all excited, if this rumor materializes it won’t be as cool as you might think. Most apps won’t be using it and it will take time to get support for it ( maybe you’ll have to wait for the next gen MacBooks with keyboard display ). A second screen, even such a small screen, will use that valuable battery juice. Not to mention the extra production cost of the MacBook Pro which will add to the retail price. And what happens when it breaks? These days it seems that it’s not “if” it breaks it’s “when” it breaks….


Jump over the break to check out some amazing 3D-renderings by Martin Hajek of what the new MacBook could look like…

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