Multifl0w: iPhone Multitasking Is Here And Works Great

After being released in RockApp, Multifl0w has finally landed in Cydia. Multif0w is a multitasking interface which displays apps that are running and you can scroll left and right for quick switching.

The idea is very nice because the developer has tried to reproduce the effect that occurs when we move between tabs in Safari, and it acts in a similar way with Palm Pre’s multitasking

After you install the Multifl0w, using Backgrounder you will close all the apps that you want ( by pressing the home button ), then just tap the home button twice and you will get the multitasking interface provided by Multifl0w.

Multifl0w has a very small and concrete code and uses very little RAM and CPU power, and it works great even on a older iPhone model. The only thing is that after installation it was crashing my Springboard everytime i was trying to background apps. I restarted my iPhone, and now everything is running so smooth…

You can find Multifl0w in the Cydia store for $4.99