MewSeek Pro 2.0.1 For iPhone OS 3.x Available in Cydia

Mewseek Pro 2.0.1 was released by Erick Castro today! Everything works good but  Add to iPod is not working because is not compatible with iPhone OS 3.x yet. For those of you that dont know what MewSeek is, basically its soulseek or soulseeX on mac but for your iPhone. You can search for music using SkreemR, and download your favorite tunes into your iPhone or iTouch with this app. Additionally you can add the tunes to your iPod, but like i already said, this function is not yet available for OS 3.x .

Since this is the “PRO” version, of course is not free. How can you charge somebody to let him/her steal music, beats me, but i didnt develop the app so… Unregistered versions of the app allows you to download up to 15 files, and also has daily search limits and waiting delays. If you want to buy the app it cost $9.99 and you can do it from within the app.

The process is pretty simple and i bet you can figure it out ( in case you never used MewSeek before ) from the screenshots below, but i will briefly describe how it works:

  • tap on search
  • search for your favorite tune
  • once you found the tune you want, tap once to select it and tap again to start downloading it
  • tap on transfers to see the transfer process
  • once the tune is downloaded you can tap on downloads , select the tune and tap on play to listen to it

To download MewSeek Pro, just load Cydia and search for MewSeek Pro. Install and enjoy