Logitech Unveils Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad Mini


Logitech has adapted their sleek and successful keyboard cover originally produced for the iPad for the iPad Mini. Like its predecessor, the cover protects the tablet during transportation and then folds out to act as a keyboard. Logitech has taken the latest accessory a step further though by connecting the cover to the device by a series of magnets like Apple’s Smart Cover.

Check out a few images above and pre-order yours now straight from Logitech’s online shop.

logitech-iPad-mini-keyboard-case-2-FSMdotCOM logitech-iPad-mini-keyboard-case-3-FSMdotCOM logitech-iPad-mini-keyboard-case-4-FSMdotCOM logitech-iPad-mini-keyboard-case-5-FSMdotCOM