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Do you know what DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) is? Well, it’s a law that Mr. Clinton signed like 10 yrs ago and that says something like “… it is illegal to produce or disseminate technology that is put in place to control access to copyrighted material.” or something like that. I dont care that much , because i dont live in US , and this law is not affecting me . But if you want to read more about it, you can do so here

Every couple of years, Library of Congress and some other dudes are looking for suggestions in order to revise the DMCA. Now ,this year a group by the name of Electronic Frontier Foundation is petitioning for the privilege of hacking smartphones ( read here the petition ).

What does that mean? Well if you got your iPhone jailbreaked , than you know that this is a copyright violation and that Apple ( they only do it in theory ) can sue you for modifying the firmwire. Now, if this petition is bullet proof and this are  some hardcore dudes , soon we can legally jailbreak our beloved iPhone and we wont loose the warranty for doing so. ( thats my only gain out of this lol )