HOW TO: Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S/iPad 2 On Windows

Great news from the iPhone DevTeam this morning. The updated CLI jailbreak now supports Windows too, and in this tutorial we’re going to show how to use it to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and/or iPad 2.

NOTE: for mac version, read this tutorial

1. Download the CLI here and unzip it to the root of your hard drive

2. Connect your device

3. Click Start > Run > CMD

4. cd into the cinject_0.4.3 folder

5. Type cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig

6. On your device you should see a provisional profile popping up and asking you to install. Do it.

7. Type cinject -j payloads

8. Type cinject -w

9. On your device, load and toggle ON the VPN

10. Your Device will reboot

11. That’s it. Enjoy

[thx Andrew, via]