iProtect: Your iPhone’s New Best Friend

You know the drill. New day, New app. You can find iProtect in Cydia. It’s free, but to really take full advantage of the app it cost $8.99, and for what it does that is a small price to pay. iProtect lets you password protect any and all of your apps. It lets you prevent app icons from being moved without password input. It lets you prevent apps from being deleted with out password input. Any one that has ever let some one finger bang your delicate, beloved iPhone knows what it’s like to get it back and things are all moved around.

That really slows the whole easy of use down, and if that person accidentally deleted one of your apps it’s even worse. Oh, but that’s not all iProtect does. It’s best feature and the one that comes if you buy it . If your iPhone is stolen, and the sim card is switched iProtect will send an invisible SMS message to a predetermined number you input. This will aide you in locating your stolen iPhone. The text will give you the new number of your stolen iPhone, and hopefully any number they try to switch it to after that. I’d send a text that went something like this, “You really think changing the sim card is going to prevent me from finding my phone?

You should see the pictures I’ve taken of you with the camera, and hear the recordings of you talking to your friends about your new iPhone!” Thieves are stupid they don’t know.

Ok so you know where to find iProtect. In Cydia hello. So now you’ve installed iProtect. So now you tap that homescreen icon.

iProtect loads up.

That will take you to the iProtect settings screen. I suggest you Protect Control. Also the disable icon moving and Deletion. You can also choose which icons are protected by tapping the “Locking Applications” tab. It’s a real good idea to go ahead and set up your “Password Management

IF you notice at the top left hand corner there is a Register button. Tapping that will bring up the register popup.

This will direct you to a PayPal page. It only took a couple hours for me to get my activation code. Oh I hope the dev was smart enough not to use a single or extremely limited number of activation codes. For his sake at least. Once you get that activation code and input it the app is fully functional, and is now your iPhones best friend. I know Murda, but FSMdotCOM is everyone’s iPhone’s best friend. Once you take a step back and wipe away the tears you will agree for today at least, and on that dreaded day some Asshat steals somesones iPhone that went and got iProtect. That on that day iProtect will be their best friend. There’s plenty of room up here at the top for a lot of best friends. You shouldn’t ever be leaving your iPhone unattended anywhere anyway, but people do it.

Just for good meassure here’s what your New Password screen and Application Lock screens look like.

The Sim Card Lock screen is very self explanatory. You pick the number and you’re done.

I’ve sent the dev an email with a few suggestions that would really make the app better.
Don’t get me wrong the app ROCKS compared to the price of MobileMe and other such apps that offer you a way to locate your stolen iPhone, but here are my suggestions. It needs to grab GPS info and include that in the invisible test it sends out when the sim is swapped. It would be great if that info was updated every 60 seconds! My final feature request would be that iProtect start sending the invisible SMS when and if the wrong Passcode is input on the Lockscreen twice or more. You do have your device Passcode locked right?

Look I am sure someone will soon crack this, but really is it too much to pay for a little protection that can help you get back your multi hundred $ device? $8.99 really isn’t that much when you look at the big picture.

iRoc out!