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HowTo: Use SBSettings on iPhone OS 3.0

If you are on a jailbroken device, than SBSettings is a must have app. SBSettings will let you control vital settings of your iPhone as easy as swiping your finger on the screen.

Some of you might know ( and still use ) BossPrefs, so you will have an idea what SBSettings is all about. SBSettings can be found in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo , which is a default repo in Cydia, so you should have no problem finding it.

Once installed , you access it by swiping your finger from the top of the screen down. When yo do that a new screen will slide down where you have basically 3 action areas: Toggles, Actions and Info.


Toggles are those big buttons at the top of the screen that will give you easy access to important function on your iPhone. Right now im using a theme but on the default theme, if something is turned ON the icon will be green and if it’s turned OFF the icon will be red .You can find themes and also extra toggles in Cydia. Most of the existing buttons are only to turn ON/OFF a function but some of them have their own pop-up screen.

3G, Bluetooth, EDGE, Location, Phone, SSH and Wi-Fi are only buttons to turn ON/OFF those functions. NOTE: if you want 3G , you must turn EDGE ON as well. 3G does not work without EDGE. EDGE on the other hand works without 3G ( that bitch!!! )

When you tap on brightness, a pop-up screen with a slider will appear and you can adjust the brightness of the iPhone screen directly from SBSettings.

When you tap on “Fast Notes” a new pop-up window will appear,where you can write anything you want on the spot. Now heres a cool and free “To Do” app…

If you turn OFF “Location” , than the apps that gives you the option to locate you upon loading ( i.e. camera ) , wont ask you anymore if you want to be located.

If you turn OFF “Phone” than your iPhone will automatically go to “Airplane Mode”

If you tap on “Processes” , a pop-up windows will appear where there will be displayed all the running processes on your iPhone. Take a look and kill the ones you dont need.


On the second area of SBSettings, you got 5 buttons that makes this app realllllly interesting. I will start by describing the less interesting ones, so i dont waste time on them.

Refresh – this one basically refreshes SBSettings. Maybe useful when you install a new toggle via Cydia, but pretty much that will respring your SpringBoard so…

Dock – exactly what the name says. Its a new pop-up windows where you can put some of your favorite apps , and you will have easy access to them from within SBSettings.

Respring – now , here its getting interesting. By tapping this button, you will respring your SpringBoard. Useful for memory recovery ( most common use )

Power – by tapping the power button, a new pop-up window ( wow a lot of pop-up windows ) will appear and you will have a couple of options like getting your iPhone into safe mode ( here’s a hint: got that really sick game you want to play, but iPhone memory is way down? restart your iPhone in save mode and have fun )

More – maybe, this is the most important button in SBSettings. This button not only gives you options that will let you controll SBSettings, but the entire phone.

Manage Themes – here you can find all the default theme and the new ones installed via Cydia and activate them.

Set Toggles –  here is were you decide what you want or dont want as a toggle ( big ass buttons at the top of the screen ) for easy control. I got them all turned on, cause i use SBSettings a lot, and with a swipe of my finger i got access to everything.

Dock Applications – here you can choose the apps you want to have on the SBSettings dock. There is a limit of max 12 apps on the dock.

Hide icons – this one is an interesting one. You can hide the apps you dont use from your SpringBoard. For example , i never use Stocks, so i have no use for another icon on my SpringBoard to take space …

Mobilesubstrat addons – you might want ( at some point ) to turn off some or all of the mobilesubstrat addons. Now you can do it , and its real simple.

Extras and Options – this one you will enjoy the most. You can choose to have displayed the batter in numeric as well ( in your face iPhone 3Gs ), or get numeric WiFi, GSM and all sorts of cool tweaks. NOTE: turn OFF “Apple Killswitch” . You must have heard that apple can detect that you are using a cracked app and remotely remove it from your device. I pretty much am sure that this is a urban myth , but you can disable that option, and breakup with Apple.


This area of SBSettings is just informational , and you can see your WiFi IP address, space on iPhone HDD and available memory .