HOW TO: Listen to Beats 1 Radio Without iTunes


We showed you how to listen to Beats 1 with the current version of iTunes, but what if you don’t want to use iTunes? Or Music app on your iOS device? That’s easy… you can listen to Beats 1 on your favorite 3rd party internet radio app – if it allows you to import stations.

There’s no way for me to know what’s your favorite internet radio app, or if you even have one. I’m going to show you how to do it using Radium on the Mac ( Radium Mac link . Radium iOS link ). If it’s not Radium, use the same principle within your favorite app.

1. Open Radium

2. If it’s minimized, click on its icon in the menu bar ( or dock )

3. On the top right corner, click on the EQ icon

4. Click on the “Import Station”


5. The direct link to the Beats 1 stream is ( the menu should be self-explanatory): http://itsliveradio.apple.com/streams/hub01/session01/256k/prog.m3u8



6. Enjoy Beats 1 on your 3rd party internet radio app. BTW: once you add Beats 1 to Radium on your Mac, it’s automatically added to Radium on your iOS device. Cuz Radium is nice like that ( no song/segment art tho )…



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