Hard Case Reinforces Thinner iPhone 5 Design With Bigger Screen

We’ve been hearing consistent rumors about the iPhone 5 being of a thinner, tapered constructions for months now, and this new hard-shell case for an iPhone that has shown up on a GDGT user’s doorstep looks to reinforce those rumors.

I can’t disclose my sources, but an iPhone 5 case showed up on my doorstep this morning. The dimensions of the iPhone 5, according to this case, will be 11cm in height (length), 5.5cm in width, and it will taper from .8cm to .6cm
This case is EXTREMELY thin. If this is the final design, Apple will have a totally knockout product. It definitely fits a much wider and taller phone than the iPhone 4, so we should definitely have a bigger screen in our hands – at least 3.7″. The camera slot is quite bigger, leading me to believe that we will definitely see a camera with more MP in the iPhone 5.