Future Adobe Technology Will Bring Flash Video Streaming To iOS [video]

Built on the Adobe Flash Media Server these future capabilities are another demonstration of helping content publishers consistently stream video to more mobile devices. This sneak peak of Adobe’s future technology demonstrates how publishers will stream from Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder through an Adobe Flash Media Server out to the Motorola Xoom tablet and Apple iPad tablet.

According to Adobe’s company blog, “(HTTP Live Streaming) HLS is an MPEG2 transport stream (container) used by devices such as the Apple iPad 2. By adding support for HLS within the Flash Media Server, Adobe is reducing the publishing complexity for broadcasters who need to reach browsers supporting HLS through HTML5 (such as Safari) or devices where Adobe Flash is not installed.”

For the average user, the details of this plan to get Flash video to more devices is a bit technical, however, in the not too distant future, Flash required warnings will be a thing of the past. If your device doesn’t have Flash installed on it, no problem, the server will send you the video in a format that your device is capable of displaying. It’s unclear just how long it will take Adobe to implement this across the board, but at least a solution to the Flash problem is finally on its way.

[via mmi]