Fr0zenw1nd1: Non-Suckish Version of iH8Sn0w?

When theres was a “war” between the iPhone Dev-Team and GeoHot we told you that this can be a good thing, and we – the users can only benefit from the competitions. In the last couple of weeks we got hit by a new phenomenon in the iPhone world called : iH8Sn0w.

Right now we are on the verge of another beef in the iPhone world between iH8Sn0w and a new kid called DarkMalloc that released Fr0zenw1nd1 a “non- suckish” version of iH8sn0w. I asked him to write a piece about him and Fr0zenw1nd1 for FSMdotCOM which you can read below. Also tomorrow we will have a video interview with DarkMalloc. Stay tuned…

DarkMalloc is a 14 year old developer from the UK, his interests include iPhone hacking, programming and Skiing =D
Had an iPhone for Xmas 2008 and decided to start playing around with it…

Formed the IntDev team in June 2009 with @Tyr0 — Current members are DarkMalloc, Tyr0, veeloc and johnnyfranks67
** ONLY DarkMalloc CREATED Fr0zenw1nd! None of the other IntDev team members helped with Fr0zenw1nd

Fr0zenw1nd is an applcation made by DarkMalloc. I decided to create Fr0zenw1nd because I was not happy with
the unprofessional way iH8Sn0w was developing iReb! Fr0zenw1nd allows you to bypass iTunes errors while downgrading
the iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G!

I cannot support the iPhone 3GS for anything at the moment, because I only own an iPhone 3G. However, I have a chipin fund which I would appreciate if people would donate at

The main advantages Fr0zenw1nd has over iReb is this :

  • Excellently written source code (I’ve seen iReb source code, IT IS SLOPPY and HACKY == Bad!! )
  • Non-Dickish developer (Respects other developers and hackers (unlike iH8sn0w))
  • No donate buttons all over the place!
  • Nice GUI, Completely secure!
  • Clean memory mapping! (Again, unlike iH8Sn0w)