HOW TO: Easily Reset a Mac App to Its Default Settings


Installing apps on your Mac is ( probably ) a daily occurrence. Once you install the app you start messing with the settings. And maybe, for some reason, the app will start misbehaving. Probably won’t even load.

In this case you have two options. Completely uninstall the app ( check out our guide on how to completely uninstall Mac apps ), or reset the app back to its default settings.

For the most part, Mac apps store their settings files in the Library folder of macOS, and it’s pretty easy to delete them manually.

But there’s an even easier way to reset a Mac app and that’s by using a free app that’s already installed on your Mac ( probably ): AppCleaner.

NOTE: to completely uninstall Mac apps don’t use just AppCleaner. See the tutorial linked above for more info…

How To Reset a Mac App to Its Default Settings:

1. Download and Install AppCleaner

2. Quit the app you want to reset

3. Load AppCleaner, switch to list view, and search for the app you want to reset.


4. Select the app and from the list of associated files, select everything but the app itself.


5. Click “Remove”

That’s it. Now when you load the app ( in this case TweetDeck ) you will see that all settings have been restored to the default state.