Crack ToneFXs – Customize Every System Sound of Your iPhone

ToneFXs is a really nice 2 part app that makes it easy as 1,2,3 to change pretty much every sound in your iPhone ( mail sounds, sms sounds etc ). If you want to read more about it and learn how to use it, i’ve created a nice short tutorial for ToneFXs. Read ToneFXs – Customize Every System Sound of Your iPhone .

Why did i say 2 part app? Well because you need to install it from Cydia on your device, and than download the computer application.  Just read the article linked above and you will understand what i’m talking about if you are not familiar with ToneFXs.

When i found the app, it said that you dont need to pay for it, but if you like it consider a donation. All good so far, i even donated $10 or so ( don’t remember) ( you should remember this – IF YOU LIKE AN APP , BUY IT ) but after a while it said that my trial period expired. I sent emails didnt got a response so i gave up. Anyway, now it’s payback time bitches . There is a mod, which will give you 4000+ days of trial.

  • if you got it installed, remove/uninstall it
  • SSH and make sure everything is gone. check private/var/mobile/library/preferences and make sure you delete com.efiko.plist
  • respring device, or just turn it off and than back on

( this is what you have to do IF YOU HAVE IT INSTALLED! If you didnt install yet, this is where you need to begin. Forget the first 3 steps. )

  • go to settings app/general/date-time and set it to manual setting and change the year to like 2020
  • after you set that, load cydia and install ToneFXs
  • after ToneFXs is installed, respring your device
  • load the app and it should say “5 days remaining”
  • exit app
  • go back to settings/general/date-time and reselect auto
  • close setting and load ToneFXs. It should say 4000 some days left of trial
  • enjoy

mad props to smirkis

later edit :

iRoc just told me and i quote : ” You know ToneFX only uses one serial right? 13VIXJMSNIQ3DW0812

later later edit :

it seems that the mod doesent work for everybody. either they didnt do something right, or they were in a hurry, or it just doesent work. it happens. try it for yourself, you have nothing to loose.

serial is working, just tried it now on another iPhone, and it works w/out any problems. you just need to type it in ( its not case-sensitive so you can type it the way you want , not necesarelly in caps ) and then tap register with this code or serial number or what ever it says….