Although this works , it seems to act different for everybody. But the good news : it works.Ok how to do it? I am going to tell you all the posible ways ( that i am aware of by now ).

First of all install MySMS from Cydia. Next download din from here or here . Unpack the .zip file and you will get a folder named

Now SSH into your iPhone and overwrite the downloaded folder over the one installed from Cydia. Now here is the tricky part. For me that was it, overwrite the files , rebooted my iPhone and voila. MYSMS icon turns from color orange to blue! opened app no nag to register.

If you don’t get that, i found that changing the permissions of the files to 0777 fix that. BUT… try to play with the app a little. a friend of mine did it the way i did, and it was fine. After sending a couple of text messages he was prompted with the message again…. and after sending another message he was back to full version. And he didn’t do nothing prior to that.

Let’s recap :

  • download and install MySMS from Cydia
  • download folder from one of the two locations above ( sharebee or rapidshare )
  • SSH into the phone and overwrite the files you have installed from Cydia with the ones you have downloaded from those 2 location
  • reboot iPhone
  • ( in addition you might want to set the permission to 777 )

Good luck , and really hope you manage to crack your MySMS app, cause its amazing and we all can benefit from it.


i sent yesterday an email to the creator of MySMS asking them what benefits the registered version is offering me. And i didn’t get any answer. I was looking over the Internet and some people were complaining about them paying for the full version but they are still waiting for the registration code. So try to crack it this way, it worked for me so its a genuine crack.


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