CRACK MCleaner 1.6.1 CYDIA APP FOR iPhone

I will not bother you will all the info about MCleaner! And most likely if you landed on this post , you know what this app is. So, this is simple and painless. Let’s begin….

  1. Download MCleaner via Cydia
  2. Donwload file here
  3. SSH and replace /Applications/ with the file downloaded from step 2
  4. set permissions to 755 ( maybe it will work w/out settings this permissions )



Powerful SMS/MMS filter
MCleaner supports SMS/MMS/wap push/wap bookmark filters, with an omni-directional filtration mechanism.
It keeps users free from junk SMS, with a combination of five filter options information, covering white list, black list, mobile phone address list, service information, unknown information etc.
It provides multiple processing methods for information rejection, such as Reply, Restore, Delete, etc, and enables users to process all junk information with ease.

Flexible incoming call rejection
It keeps users free from unwanted incoming calls,with a combination of five filter options information, covering whitelist,blacklist,,number unobtainable, unknown incoming call, etc.
For incoming calls blocked,it has four settings,such as “Phone Busy”,”Mute Ring”,”Busy and Reply SMS”, or”Divert Calls to”,etc,so as to enable users to block cell phone calls upon their own needs.
For the blocked cell phone calls, “a responsive SMS after rejecting the calls” could reply a SMS preset automatically which fully embodies its people-oriented set-up.

Schedule Management
It enables users to reject incoming call/SMS/MMS at a specified period, instead of at any other time, which brings users great convenience to quickly set their mobile phones according to their own time schedule, such as meeting, driving, shopping, taking a rest, etc.

Profile mode
Under this mode, it has 9 types of fast-setting rejection modes available, such as “Normal”,”Accept All”,”Block All”,”Accept Contacts”,”Accept Whitelist”,”Block Black list”,”Filter Message”,”Filter Call”,”Schedule”, users may set the Profile upon their own needs.

Real background mode
It is software highly integrated into your mobile phone system. Once your mobile phone is powered on, it automatically runs the programs in a background mode, and provides your mobile phone with a real-time protection. There is no need to manually turn on or hide this program all along, for the program only occupies a very small amount of system resources.

Other functions(Miscellaneous)

  • Complete record of incoming call/SMS rejected. Incoming call/SMS rejected has no record in the mobile system, but is saved in the record of rejection. The method to view the record of rejection is similar to that of the system inbox, and it allows directly picking up number to reply call or SMS.
  • With password protection, all records of calls and SMS rejected may be saved in mobile phone safely.
  • Users may hide all records of dial-out/SMS related to black list with the function to hide SMS log.
  • White list/black list manually set-up, or input from address book/inbox/call log.