CocoaNuts Releases Beta Updates For Gremlin, Celeste and YourTube/YourTube HD

Behind the scenes the team at CocoaNuts has been working day and night to get Gremlin working on iOS5. Today they’ve announced that we’ve finally cracked the puzzle!

This means all of their tweaks that depend on Gremlin (Celeste, YourTube, and several unannouncedsuper-secret projects) are finally ready for beta-testing. We want extensive testing done this time, but we’re a very small team, so we thought why not release a public beta, and let us decide if we’re ready to rumble or not.

Everyone who is a customer already has access to the betas. All you need to do is add the CocoaNuts beta repository to Cydia:

1) Open Cydia and go to the “Manage” tab, then tap “Sources”
2) Tap Edit, then Add, you should get a dialog asking for a URL
3) Enter this URL:
4) Tap “Add Source” and wait for Cydia to refresh
5) You should now see beta versions of Celeste, Gremlin, YourTube and YourTube HD

Celeste: Bluetooth file sharing for iOS

YourTube/YourTube HD: fully integrated downloader so you can keep those videos you love to watch and show your friends