Browse iPhone With Windows Explorer

ASNNetworks created this tutorial especially for the CyCorder app, With this tutorial you can go to windows explorer, type in ftp://your-ip-here:2121 and see the videos you shot with CyCorder, you can drag them directly to your pc, for example the desktop, you can also rename. Paste and delete, So no need for WinSCP, this way you can show the files at your friends’ pc without WinSCP

  • Install Mobile Finder, it’s an App Store app,
  • Delete the /var/mobile/Media/Videos folder,

Use WinSCP and go to var/mobile/Applications/XXXX-XXXX-XXX/Documents/ (XXXZ-XXXX-XXXX is the app folder) create a folder there called Videos and set permissions recursively to 777.Now you need to go to terminal and create a symlink, Create a link of the recently created folder i /var/mobile/Media/… and Type the following in Terminal,

Ln -s /var/mobile/Applications/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX/Documents/Videos/ /var/mobile/Media/ And press enter.Now go to /var/mobile/Media/ and you should see a shortcut of the Videos folder and Change the permissions recursively to 777 and quit WinSCP,

Now launch Mobile Finder on your iPhone and press the right down button It’s an ftp server, start it and go to the given adress on windows explorer,
You should now see the Vides folder of CyCorder and the videos you made, You can copy/rename/delete and drag other files withoit SSH now
It’s easier and faster and you can do it on oyher peoples pc’s aswell 😉

Good luck, and tell me what you guys think of this, Of course this would work with other apps aswell, You can also link the /var/ folder to /var/mobile/Applications/XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX/Documents/. This way you can browse the /var/ folder and content through windows explorer,However some folders arent recognised, I dont know why though.

Mad props to ASNNetworks for this tutorial