BitTorrent Sync: BitTorrent Releases New P2P-Based Dropbox Competitor for iOS



BitTorrent will release today BitTorrent Sync, a new P2P-based Dropbox competitor app for iOS. The service also comes localized into ten languages, including Spanish, Chinese and German.

The iOS app will let users move big files between devices, not unlike what you do with Dropbox, Bitcasa and other cloud-based storage systems — except that BitTorrent’s P2P distribution architecture means that nothing is “stored” in any cloud that can be accessed.

You can use it to back up photos from your iPhone to your laptop, or use it to send files from you iPad to your home computer. As with the desktop and Android versions, there is no file-size limit. In a sense, adding the iOS support is a natural extension of the original premise of Sync: being able to access your data regardless of device or location.

In terms of new language support, the 10 getting added today are German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal). Adding them in early-doors, while the product is still in beta, underscores the fact that BitTorrent as a brand has long had a loyal group of users worldwide.

The app is not available yet in the app store ( or at least in the US app store ). We will update this post as soon as it drops…


BitTorrent Sync is now available for free in the app store