BiteSMS Updated To v6.3 With Themes, Contact Pic On Lockscreen and More…

Aside from a full, more robust, replacement for the stock messaging app, BiteSMS also offers a handy set of features called quick compose and quick reply.These features allow you to assign a gesture (think activator) to quickly send or receive a SMS while within another app. Saving you steps, and not interrupting your work flow.

Now, if you are familiar with such things, you would know that there are several tweaks on the app store that offer similar functionality.  These more popular alternatives include Messages+ and iRealSMS. Where biteSMS differentiates itself is design.

Rather just create an (arguably) ugly popup bubble like messages+, or a 4.x style alert style popup like iReal, biteSMS took it up a notch with iOS 5 and made a custom popup based on the new tweet sheet. It honestly looks like something Apple should have bundled with the OS.

Functionality wise, it also has the competition beat. While the others focus 100% on messaging, and may or may not include things like MMS within their popup, bite wins again with system wide communication integration. From the customizable popup menu you can Call, FaceTime, or even view your entire conversation with the person.


BiteSMS v6.3 comes with the following changelog:

  • Check out biteSMS, Settings,Themes…NICE!!!
  • Added a ‘mark as read’ icon in the Apple banner roll notification.
  • Added the ability to display the contact pic in the ‘Lock Screen Notification List’ (see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics).
  • Better control of Quick Reply. See biteSMS, Settings, Quick Reply: Lock Mode and Unlock Mode.
  • Fixed a whole heap of layout issues on the iPad.
  • Fixed up issue with very new iPhones (currently in China) in relation to Emoji character encoding.
  • For iOS 5.1: Fixed bug in Quick Compose volume HUD where we were restoring the wrong volume category.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs.

BiteSMS is available in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…