BitBar: Display Anything in Your macOS Menu Bar

BitBar is a free and open-source app that allows you to display the output of any script or program in your macOS menu bar. You can create your own plugins or choose from existing ones.


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1. Install Homebrew

2. Install BitBar with brew cask install bitbar


3. When you first open BitBar it will prompt you to select a Plugins folder. Either use an existing folder or create a new one ( anywhere you like ). I chose to create a folder called Bitbar Plugins in /Applications/


4. Now you’ll notice a new icon in your menu bar. Click on it and select Get Plugins


5. You will be taken to the BitBar plugins page. From there you can browse the categories and install the ones you want/need


6. When you click on Add to BitBar the application launcher will ask you to open the link. When you do, BitBar will ask you if you want to install the plugin. NOTE: plugins are installed in the folder created at step #3


7. BitBar will create a new menu bar icon for the installed plugin.


For more info and troubleshooting, check out the BitBar’s project page on Github.