AppScreen Widget: Share And Discover AppStore Apps

AppScreen is a nice Widget for Mac OS that emulates the iPhone Springboard  and all the applications in the iTunes  library. For each application will also have the opportunity to leave a comment, vote, view a YouTube video, links and open iTunes.

After you installed the widget, the implementation will start only with the standard icons of thenative applications, but we will be able to click “Sync” to copy all the applications available in the iTunes library inside the Widget.

The process takes a few seconds and the result is really nice. We can change the display order of the icons, just as we do on the iPhone, scroll pages and more.

When we are satisfied with the organization, we can click on individual icons to read some details, comments from users, the vote, the number of installations in the world and youtube videos.The application synchronizes only Artwork and a plist file that contains the names of applications, and sharing this  online presents no risk.

You can download the Widget AppScreen directly from the official site.