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Apple’s Phone, Tablet, and Laptop Prototypes of the ’80s [gallery]


Apple’s focus on design has always been one of the key factors that set its computer apart however, some of the early and most iconic designs didn’t actually come from inside Apple but from outside designers at Frog, in particular from Frog’s founder, Hartmut Esslinger.

In his book, Keep it Simple, Esslinger goes as far as to say that he was the one who taught Steve Jobs to put design first. First published last year, the book includes many of the amazing prototypes that come out of his collaboration with Steve Jobs like the Apple FlipPhone ( 1984 ), Apple Minimal Phone ( 1984 ), Apple Wrist & Ear Phone ( 1985 ), and the MacSlate Touchscreen ( 1984-85 ).

Jump over the break to check out these prototypes…

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