Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown [video]


With new devices being released, iFixit is back at it again and they take a look and the “guts” of the new Apple Watch Series 2.

From bigger battery to larger taptic engine and new antenna module with GPS, the Apple Watch Series 2 has no more secrets…

The teardown revels a 33% larger battery ( 273 mAh ) in the 38mm model. However, due to the addition of a GPS and the brighter display, the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 2 is equal with the previous generation.

Due to Apple swimproofing the new Apple Watch, the adhesive on Series 2 is “much stronger” and there’s a large metal shield next to the Digital Crown.

The teardown also shows the new S2 chip, a larger taptic engine, new antenna module with GPS, a second microphone and a redesigned speaker – designed to fill up with water when you swim and then to vibrate to pump out excess water.

For more info, check out the video below and the iFixit teardown page