Apple Watch Is Available April 24


Six months after we were introduced to Apple’s first smartwatch, Tim Cook and the boys gathered the press to give the Apple Watch and official launch event.

So let’s make this short and sweet because we still think the whole thing is just ridiculous. Why? You’ll find out in jus a minute…

So basically there is only ONE Apple Watch, but it is sold as three separate models: the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch or the Apple Watch Edition.

According to Cook, we should expect 18 hours of “general use”…. so yeah, you will ( most probably ) charge your watch every damn day.

So that’s pretty much the only new thing we found out today. It doesn’t do nothing more than your iPhone can already do ( and you already have that in your pocket every single day ). If you want to read more about the design and functionality of the watch, check out this post – as nothing has changed.

Now here is where it gets crazy…

How much will your pay for an Apple Watch? Well they’re all ridiculously priced but let’s break it down:

  • Apple Watch Sport – starts at $349 or $399 ( depending on size 38mm or 42mm )
  • Apple Watch – starts at $549 and can go up to $1,049 depending on your configuration. If you want the 42mm it’s an extra 50 bucks. Or as Cook puts it, ONLY 50 dollars more.
  • Apple Watch Edition – 18K gold and stuff but you don’t even care about this one because it will set you back around $10,000. Now be honest, if you have at least 10K laying around for a watch, would you buy an Apple Watch? Cmon, huh…

There’s still major potential here, but the original Apple Watch is not a game changer. Just like with the original iPad, i think we should just wait for the Apple Watch 2 or 3. Unless you wanna fork over a few hundreds just because…

Pre-orders begin on April 10th and the hardware arrives in stores on April 24th.