Apple Opens Refurbished Outlet on eBay

Maybe it’s that Black Friday shopping time of year or maybe Apple is trying an experiment, but it appears that the company now may be selling its refurbished products on eBay.

Operating under the guise of “refurbished outlet,” this seller has a 99.7 percent approval rating and has received comments like, “Great product, awesome price, Apple backed warranty!! This rocks.” Neither Apple nor eBay has confirmed that this is an Apple-run store on eBay, however.

As of now, 23 items are for sale in the store, including 15 iPads, six MacBooks, and two iPods. “Refurbished outlet” gives the option to pay extra on some items for a yearlong GeekSquad warranty. Shoppers can’t bid on any of the products, because there is only the “Buy It Now” option.

You can check out the refurbished outlet here…