HOW TO: Access OS X Mavericks’ Hidden Wallpapers



With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple introduced a series of beautiful new screen savers which, with a little bit of digging, you could also use as wallpapers – by uncovering the hi-res images used by those screen savers. Well, it turns out you can do the same thing in OS X Mavericks.

Jump over the break to learn how to do it…

1. Open a Finder window, press Command+Shift+G and point it to /Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/

os-x-mavericks-hidden-wallpapers-1-FSMdotCOM2. It will take you to a new window, with 4 folders full of wallpapers: National Geographic, Aerial, Cosmos and Nature Patterns

os-x-mavericks-hidden-wallpapers-2-FSMdotCOM3. Right click on the desktop, and choose ‘Change Desktop Background…”

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 1.41.09 PM4. Now you’ll pe presented with the ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ window

os-x-mavericks-hidden-wallpapers-3-FSMdotCOM5. Now all you have to do is drag-n-drop those 4 folders in the Finder window onto the Desktop & Screensaver window

os-x-mavericks-hidden-wallpapers-5-FSMdotCOM6. That’s it. Enjoy your new 40+ hi-res wallpapers