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A Better TLDR

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a few awesome man pages alternatives. One of them is TLDR. Today we’re going to upgrade the TLDR experience with TLDR++.


  • Fully Interactive (fill the command arguments easily)
  • Search from commands to find your desired command (exact + fuzzy search)
  • Smart file suggestions (further suggestions will be added)
  • Simple implementation
  • Easy to install. Supports all mainstream OS and platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows)(arm, x86)
  • Pure-go (even contains built-in git)



First things first…. if you have TLDR installed, uninstall it. Once you do that,  you can install TLDR++.

  • macOS – install it via Homebrew with brew install isacikgoz/taps/tldr
  • Arch Linux and derivates – TLDR++ is available in the AUR
  • Other Linux distros and Windows – either download the binary from the official Github project page, or compile it from source.



Once installed it works just like the original TLDR program ( i.e tldr <program/name_of_command> ) however, now instead of copy-pasting the command, the shell is fully interactive and you can select what you need from the list ( navigate with vim keys or arrow keys ) and execute the command you need from the list. See an example below…