UISettings Theme

We told you about UISettings, the first iOS 5 specific tweak to add a quick action widget to the iOS notification center. And while the developer did a great job on the coding, his design skills lack, umm….skill.

But the iCommunity has a ton a great designers and they have already stepped up and began dishing out some themes for this new tweak.

Here’s one of our personal favorites and a quick little how-to to get it all in place. You will need file access, either AFC2, SSH, or iFile to replace a the old icons.

  1. Jailbreak iOS5b1
  2. Install UISettings
  3. Download this file
  4. Replace the Icons folder with the one from the theme at: /Library/UISettings/Icons
  5. Then you need to replace the old BulletinListLinen@2x.png  with the new BulletinListLinen@2x.png: /Systems/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/BulletinListLinen@2x.png
  6. A quick re-spring and you’re done.

Thanks   @iBattaglia for the theme and explanation on where to to put the files.

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