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Ultrakam Allows You To Record At 2K Film Resolution With Your iPhone [video]

product_img4_blackUltrakam is a new iPhone app that allows you to record in 2K. No, the app won’t magically upgrade your iPhone’s camera but it will use more of its hardware capabilities. The iPhone’s camera is much more potent than 1080p, it’s actually capable to record up to 3264×2448 but it is restricted by the software. While the iPhone 5s can record in HD at up to 120fps, Ultrakam reduces the frame-rate to 30fps, uses a more efficient codec and allows you to capture 2k video at 2240×1672.


All of this sounds amazing, but you have to take in consideration that there’s about 3GB of video/minute when you shoot in 2K. So unless Apple will allow memory extensions on the iPhone, you’re pretty limited on what you can do with this app.

Ultrakam is available for $6.99 on the App Store