Your Twin Can Unlock Your iPhone X Using Face ID [video]

So with the new iPhone X, Apple ditched Touch ID for the advanced and even more secure Face ID. And rumor says that Apple will ditch the Touch ID for good, in favor of Face ID, in all future iPhones.

The Face ID suppose to be even more secure than Touch ID and it can’t be fooled by a picture of you or even a Hollywood-grade mask.

It also won’t work if your eyes are closed and will certainly won’t work if you have sunglasses on – it can’t detect your eyes. It also won’t probably work if the sun is too bright and your face is overexposed.

Bottom line, Face ID works pretty well. At least that’s what early tests show us. But just like Touch ID when it was first introduced back in 2013 with the iPhone 5s, it’s new tech ( for Apple anyway ) and it will work like you expect it to work in a year or two.

So, right now, you basically spent your money just to animate chicken heads and flex on iPhone 8 users for some reason ( for the most part it’s the same phone ). Or you’re an early adopter. These days, an early adopter usually means you’re a YouTuber who looks for new way to destroy that iPhone and get views.

But let’s get back to the story… Face ID can’t be fooled by a super hi-rez pic of you, or a Hollywood mask, and it can’t be used by your significant other while you sleep ( Because unless you’re a rabbit, your eyes are closed while sleeping. And why is this a legit concern? ).

What about if you have a twin? Can your twin unlock your device using Face ID? Apparently yes.

Jump over the break to check out the video..