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Traffic Panic 3D Available For Free For A Limited Time [video]

Traffic Panic 3D is based on the original title Traffic Panic, which crashed into the top of the charts in early 2010, it has now had over 500 five star reviews and 2.3 million downloads.

Neon Play have enhanced the original by placing the new version in a destructive 3D world. Now when there is a collision, the player can see the results of cars flipping, trucks jackknifing and tankers exploding. And that’s before a building explodes…

Traffic Panic 3D has been recognized for it’s innovative way of rewarding the player for both winning and losing. Not only is there a visual delight at watching the car wrecks and violent explosions roll out upon game over, but these crashes also award credits depending on the amount of damage caused.

Credits can be used to unlock a feast of unlock-able content, such as the explosive Fuel Tanker or renegade Tank. Interactive buildings can also be unlocked, such as the Fireworks Factory, Car Showroom made of glass, explosive Gas Station or Building Site (complete with wrecking ball). Obviously, crashing into one of these structures triggers absolute chaos.

There are 44 engaging achievements as well as a global score and a damage leaderboard managed with Game Center and OpenFeint.

Traffic Panic 3D is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) for free ( limited time ) in the app store