Stratos Multitasking Switcher for iOS [video]


Stratos is a beautiful multitasking switcher replacement that strives to simplify the way you interact with your iPhone. With its sleek interface and intuitive design, it integrates seamlessly into iOS 7/8, leaving you with an almost delicate feeling of familiarity.

The “control center” page of Stratos consists of your toggles, quick launch buttons, and brightness slider, where you can access the things you need from the stock control center.

The media controls page of Stratos is where you can scrub through your media, play, pause, fast-forward, and change the volume. It is compatible with all third-party music players, safari, and more. It is also compatible with all tweaks for the stock control center music player.

Last is the switcher. In your tray are pages of app multitasking previews, where you can manage your applications, quit them one at a time, quit all of them, or even respring your device.

Stratos is compatible with every control center tweak, as well as Tage and most other tweaks. It also allows the changing of default pages, the rearrangement of pages, the changing of blur styles, and countless other permutations of settings to tickle your fancy just the way you like it.

Stratos is available for $1.99 in Cydia via BigBoss repo…