Speck CandyShell for iPhone 5 [review]

The next iPhone 5 case in our review series is brought to us by Speck. This company has always been known for its cases for everything from iPhones to MacBooks, so it comes as no surprise that they were quick to market with some new models for us to protect our precious with. The model we are looking at today is an old favorite of mine, the Speck CandyShell.

If you have ever owned one of these cases before, you will immediately recognize the same familiar aesthetic. As a matter of design its identical to previous generations, making only the necessary changes to accommodate the new device. While some might bawk at this for “lack of innovation”, I have always been a fan of incremental change to a winning design. Like a certain fruit company I know of. At any rate, lets dive in and see what they have for us.

As with previous models, the case consists of two layers of protection. This is achieved in the common method, a hard layer on the outside, and a soft inner layer. From personal experience I can tell you this is a great combo when it comes to drop protection. The edges of the inner liner wrap up and around the iPhone to give it a very snug fit, and as you can see from the photo, excellent lay on counter protection. One caveat of the snug fit is that it is almost frustratingly difficult to remove the phone. Its in there good. While this is certainly not a bad thing for most people, if you like to switch cases out a lot, or remove your phone daily to dock it, this case may not be for you.

The smooth mirrored finish of the outer shell is quite pretty to look at, and feels great in hand. The lack of textured surface also allows the encased iPhone to effortlessly slip in and out of your pocket, which is nice. Doesn’t pick up lint either. That said, if you are one who cant stand a scratch on your case, or a fingerprint smudge… look elsewhere. While I personally haven’t scratched mine much yet, the interwebs are ripe with stories of heavily scratched cases. To me, this is kind of what the case is for… but you each his own.

All in all, this is a tried and tested case design. It just works, and works well. Having owned one for my 3G/3GS, my 4/4S, and now my 5, I can tell you. Its a solid case that protects well, is comfortable to hold, and is rock solid for day to day use. The only complaint I have ever had is the scratch-ability of the finish, but some would argue that builds character. I tend to agree.

FSM Rating: 8/10