HOW TO: Save A List Of Your Installed Cydia Apps

If you are reading this, there’s 99.9% chances you have at least one jailbroken device, and the most common thing that you will find all jailbroken iOS devices is Cydia. Most probably you got at least a few repos installed ( beside the default ones ) and a dozen packages. So here’s a quick and sweet tutorial on how to save a list of all your installed Cydia apps… ( if for any reason you need something like this )

1. Open Terminal on Mac ( or use WinSCP terminal, if you are a Windows user ) and SSH into your device. To do that, type in:

ssh [email protected]

2. Now type in your password

3. To create the list, type in:

dpkg –get-selections > mypkgs.txt

4. That’s it you’re done. Now, using your favorite SFTP client, SSH into your iPhone and get that list.

NOTE: You can also do it from your iOS device using MobileTerminal.

NOTE: you can save the list wherever you want on your iOS device. Once logged in, just use ‘cd /path/to/file/’ ( i.e cd /private/var/mobile/ )

[via dtube]