PushMod: Turn Any Mailbox on Your iPhone Into a Push Mailbox

New day , new app in Cydia. As usual it is another system tweak. And the title say it all. I dont know about you , but i was pretty tired of getting my emails too late, or get a badge of X new emails, and when i open up email.app and my inbox was scanned i had X*X emails.

That was really bugging me, and i used to keep manually check to see if new emails were in my mailbox if i was away from my computer. And if that wasn’t enough , if i deleted an email from the inbox via a webbrowser , the badge of new email(s) would still be on the corner of my email.app for a long long time.

Gmail , made a video tutorial on how to set a gmail account on your iPhone/Touch using IMAP , but to be honest that didnt help at all. Only made me rise my fist to the sky and yell like a madman in a forgotten language.

Now pretty much that problem is fixed at least till June when we weill recieve Push from Apple. Oh , my lord, but how could you find room in your big heart for such a thing. You are too good to us, Apple! FAIL! We had to wait for 3 full software updates to have something like push or mms. Really really sad.

So as i said, PushMod is available for free in Cydia via ModMyi and it will give you the option to choose 1 minute push time and it allows you to turn any mailbox into a push mailbox. Do not look for a icon on your SpringBoard , because you wont find one. This is a system tweak and all you have to do is to install it and set your fetch time at 1 minute. I would suggest to restart your device after installing, but that isnt necessary. That’s a habit of mine to restart my iPhone after i install something.

I cant tell you if its working 100%, because im using it only for 5 minutes. But i can assure you that is a step in the right direction. Pretty much this is the best thing we got right now.


This tweak loves your battery juice more than a fat kid loves cake. So if you’re planning on using this and u rely on your battery life than PushMod is not really a smart move…