PaletteCase: A Better Way To Grip Your iPad and iPad 2 [video]

Designed by US-based brother design team nick & beau, the ‘palette case’ is one of few iPad cases that permits the tablet to to be held easily with one hand, as though it were a painter’s palette, and the only of these to be composed of felts and leathers in contrast to less comfortable plastic, facilitating use of the device for presentations and a range of mobile needs.

A hole in the back of the case is sized lets one’s hand slip easily inside, supporting the device. The cases will be made in texas from either merino wool felt and leather or completely of chestnut or black leather. All ports, jacks, and cameras remain accessible, and the two back leather straps can be used either as carrying handles or bent into a tabletop stand for easy and typing and viewing.

The project is currently seeking funding through a kickstarter campaign for its first production run.

[via designboom]