Notifyr Forwards Your iOS Push Notifications to Your Mac


Many of us spend a big part of our days in front of a computer. Wouldn’t it be nice if notifications from your iOS devices used some sort of ancient magic and appeared in your computer monitor? Well, back in April, we told you about pushNotify, a $0.99 Cydia tweak that forwards all your notifications from iOS devices to your Mac. If you’re not jailbroken and you want to benefit of this feature, there’s a new app in the App Store called Notifyr ( iTunes Link )that does pretty much the same thing that pushNotify does but it costs $3.99

Notifyr is optimized for BLE ( bluetooth low energy ) iPhones and Macs and allows you to receive phone calls, text messages and 3rd part app notifications in the right-hand corner of your Mac’s display. One paired, you’ll never need to open the app on your phone again. When the connection is lost, Notifyr will automatically reconnect your phone once it becomes available again.

There might be two issues with the app. First, since it uses BLE the app works on the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5s and 2011 MacBook Air ( or newer ), 2012 MacBook Pro ( or newer ), late 2012 iMac ( or newer ), 2011 Mac mini ( or newer ) and late 2013 Mac Pro ( or newer ).

Second problem is that IF the app uses private APIs, the app will be removed from the app store. So you better download it as soon as you can.

Notifyr is available for $3.99 on the App Store