Notacious: Write Notes And Sync Them Across Devices With Ease

We all have stuff to do. And we all need reminders,list and nudges to keep us on track. You could use the stock Apple notes app, and sync thru email or pay the 99$ and use mobile me syncing. Too expensive? Notacious takes care of that for you at a much better price.

With a web version, and an iOS app, you can quickly manage all of you notes and list from where ever you are. Need to share a note? No problem. Email it or copy and paste it right from within the app. Lots of thought have gone into the development of this deceptively simple looking note taking app. From the ease of changing the color and font style in the notes, to the simple to use navigation,and clean over all interface.

Over all, Notacious for the iPhone is a winner. We even used Notacious to write this review. Now, if they’d just bring out an iPad version that utilizes the bigger keyboard and larger note taking area it would round out perfection.

Notacious is available for $0.99 in the app store. ( Purchase the premium account. You wont be disappointed. )