Motorola BackFlip Brings Android OS To AT&T [video]

Just got to handle the new Motorola BackFlip that will be the first device to bring the Droid OS to AT&T. With a front facing camera with flash, touch sensitive screen and a small touch sensitive pad on the back to be able to control the screen from the back side. When you have the phone open, your index fingers will be able to scroll around.

First impression is that its a little blocky. I’m not a big fan of flip type phones at all. The flip out keyboard seems to be well sized and spaced to provide feedback with your fingers. If you can see in the corner of the keyboard there is a front facing camera and flash.

Word has it that Motorola will also be offering a free “cloud” based service to save users contacts and other bits to be able to sync to your device. Not really sure on all the details to this, as my Motorola ninja wasn’t very clear yet.