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Monitor SMS Messages, Info About Each Call and GPS Location Of iPhone 3G

New day, new app in Cydia: Mobile Spy. They say that this app is designed to find out the truth about what others do on your iPhone, but i really think this is designed for chicks. No offence ladies, you know i love you but… you know this is your nature. The minute we step foot out of the house, you start looking everywhere for shit to hold against us in a , go figure, fight/argue which will take place in a near future. Now you can check our iPhones too.

Mobile Spy allows you to silently record all SMS messages and information about each call on the iPhone FW 2.x .Also recorded are GPS locations every 30 minutes when signal is available. You can view logs in any web browser. The technology is not yet available on first gen iPhones , even if the firmware is upgraded.

How to get Mobile Spy?

  1. You will need a free account on the Mobile Spy server for the software to work. You can go to this registration page and complete the 4 steps to create your username.
  2. Install Mobile Spy from Cydia. NOTE: ignore the “Unable to Config” message from Cydia. After you see the message store cleared, the next step should be done BEFORE tou get any other SMS messages.
  3. Now its time to tell it your username and password so it will upload to your account.From ANY OTHER PHONE ( not the monitored one ) send an sms to the monitored iPhone with the following: @cmd_cfg: username password. The SMS should be in that format with no other characters. Also your username and password should be capitalized , exactly as it is on the server. So, for example if your username is MyName and your password is MyPassword the sms should be like this: @cmd_cfg: MyName MyPassword . After the monitored iPhone will recieve the message, you can delete it. The final step  is to reboot the iPhone so it will restart with the new settings.

Viewing Logs

After all the steps above are succesfully completed you can check the logs anytime from any web browser by going to

NOTE: the service is free to try for 7 days. Check their site for additional info and fees.