In Need Of A Micro SIM Card? You Might Want To Try This ‘Cut My SIM’ Gizmo…

Back in January, we pretty much explained what a Micro SIM card is: basically the same technology comes in the same shape but smaller. The iPad uses a Micro SIM, but the iPhone doesn’t ( at least not yet ). Even if it is the same technology, because it comes in a different size, the Micro SIM will not fit in a device designed for the other ( and vice-versa ).

How can you get a Micro SIM:

1. Buy one from AT&T ( or any carrier that supports Micro SIMs )

2. Get a regular SIM card, and convert it to a Micro SIM using a butchers knife and a pair of scissors ( great tutorial here )

3. Use Henk van Ess’s handmade Cut My SIM gizmo

Yep, that’s it and you can guess what this *thing* does.  Not only that but, if you do decide to cut your SIM down to Micro size, then have regrets, van Ess’ “Back to Normal” card fixes it for retrofitting.

Cut My Sim costs $30, roughly what an AT&T Micro SIM will cost you after taxes and delivery. The difference is DIY, and spending that $30 on an entrepreneur rather than AT&T.

[via Core77]