iPhone Unlocked For Verizon Video. I Call It FAKE

A couple of days ago, a video showed on youtube that showed an iPhone 3G officially unlocked for Verizon. Everything was good, 117k+ viewz, some interesting comments. Before i explain why this one is fake, let’s watch the video.

The Good

  • Video looks legit
  • makes everybody jump for joy ( and get stuck 😛 )
  • video got 100.000+ views on youtube
  • a lot of comments saying “ty, it works, iPhonePeople rulez” etc.
  • a link to a page where you can get this “unlock”

The Bad AND The Ugly

Let’s start with what exactly do we see. We see that this dude got an iPhone 3G in his hand and it says Verizon and to actually make you believe that it’s unlocked it calls 611 to hear the Verizon message. So, that makes you say, YES! This is the real deal. Ok, no problem.

1. To get Verizon instead of AT&T or what ever, you only need a small tool from Cydia called MakeItMine. Using that tool, you can change your carrier’s name into ANYTHING you want. Mystery solved.

2. 611 call? Yeah, this can be a little bit tricky but… maybe, its as easy as recording that message to a voicemail and then naming the contact 611. Im just sayin…

But wait, you also have a Web site in the video description. Ok, did you visited that site? It has 3 pictures with a check box next to it a warning/ NOTE that says :

Please select the offer below and we will send the instructions straight to your phone.
*make sure to enter a valid phone number.
*confirm pin # so that the text message can reach you

and a “Click Here to Continue”. When you “click here” to continue, you will be taken to a broken page, than auto redirect you to a super full of affiliate offers page, that was 110% created by a blackhatter.

Still not convinced. Well here is another reason for you: The iPhone only has GSM capability. Verizon is CDMA. Also current CDMA technology is not compatible with SIM cards… you must use a “R-UIM” card instead which are not used in the USA. Sorry… this is retarded and not possible.

Do some research on GSM vs CDMA. GSM is a type of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) which is not even close to being compatible with CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology.

So, i basically call it a big huge fat FAKE. What do you think?